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(THE SOLEMNITY OF THE QUEENSHIP OF MARY; AUGUST 22, 2022): I returned last Friday from a week of vacation in North Carolina, where the temperature in the morning was in the sixties, where there was little humidity, and not one single mosquito around!  Needless to say, it was beautiful and peaceful.  I rented a one room place on the edge of the woods near a lake.  It was a second-floor room.  Each morning, around 7:00am, I would sit on the balcony drinking coffee and having my moment of prayer time.  What a great way to start each day. Each day I would look out at the woods and the many massive, very tall trees—nothing but green.  One morning, there was a gentle breeze blowing.  I noticed something that was insignificant at the time but has stuck in my head ever since then.  All of the trees, all of those massive, tall trees were swaying back and forth very slowly and gently. All of them.  Except one.  Right there, in the center of my view, was one tree just standing perfectly still, not swaying at all.  I thought nothing of it really at first, but now looking back, and considering today’s feast, it has taken on a much deeper meaning for me.  That one tree—standing perfectly still and erect—is for me a symbol of the kind of person Mary the Mother of Jesus was during her life on this earth and who and what she still desires to be for us now.  In the Gospel of today’s Mass (Monday August 22), Mary is greeted by the Angel Gabriel and told of her role  as the mother of Jesus.  We see in her both surprise and trust, shock and courage.  It is said of Mary that she, “...pondered the angel’s greeting…”  Mary is the only person in all of scripture for whom the word “ponder” is used.  If you break down the Hebrew definition of the word, simply stated, it means that she stood strong though all things.  She did not sway and would not be swayed by anything or anyone.  While everyone else, especially at the crucifixion, was coming undone, Mary stood strong.  So, if you and I want to understand more deeply who and what Mary can be for us, it could be said that she is one who shows us how to stand strong as we face the crosses and all of the challenges in our life. She who did not sway reminds us that, while we at times may feel bent, we are never broken.  God has done and will continue to do—great things for us.

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