In the sacrament of baptism we are cleansed and welcomed into the family of faith.  With this welcoming also comes the invitation and commissioning to share our faith with others. In the church one of the primary ways in which this happens is through the action that we refer to as ministry.  There are basically 2 types of ministry: kingdom ministry (that which we do simply in the way that we live our daily lives, support family, friends, the needy, and, of course, in our prayer.) There is then also ministry in the church.

In our parish of Saint Jude there are more than 60 different active ministries.  These range from liturgical ministry (serving in some capacity at Mass, for example, as a lector or altar server), to religious education (assisting with teaching our children about our faith or doing the same with other adults), to the very important ministry of serving the poor, and so on.  Truly, here at Saint Jude there is a place at the table for everyone to share their gifts. 

Please feel free to browse the ministries section of this website and to contact Mrs. Charmaine Biossat (our Director of Ministries) in our Parish Office at (225) 766-2431, or email for further information on how you can become involved!