Ministry of Communication

The Ministry of Communication consists of parishioners who work in various areas of communication, such as digital media, publicity, marketing and public relations, and video production.  The goal of this ministry is to facilitate an integrated use of appropriate forms of media (including our parish website, FACEBOOK page, church video projection and production, bulletin, and so on.)  The ultimate goal is to stream our weekly Sunday Mass live to our website and would necessitate parishioners who could serve as “video directors” of the Mass.

Parish Advisory Council

The parish advisory council members are appointed by pastor. They assist the pastor in discerning the needs of our faith community and developing goals and implementation of these goals.

Parish Fair Committee

The steering committee begins planning well in advance of the actual fair date. Parishioners joining this ministry help to facilitate the overall coordination of this major parish event. Meetings are held on Wednesday nights beginning in January preceding the date of the Fair.

Contact: Charmaine Biossat, 225-766-2431 or

Parish Finance Council

The parish finance council members are appointed by the pastor. They assist the pastor in guiding the financial stewardship of our parish community, including regular reviews of finances and of the annual parish budget.

Parish Lay Directors

The parish lay directors (2) are appointed by the pastor. Their sole duties and obligations are to witness to and so aid in the authorization and verification of the various corporate resolutions and reports that are required to be submitted to the diocese.

St. Jude School Advisory Council

The St. Jude School Advisory Council members assist the principal and pastor in guiding the ministry of our parish school.

St. Matthew Ministry

The St. Matthew Ministry/Collective Counters are appointed by the Pastor. Members in this ministry meet weekly to count the church collection. The ministry chairperson provides a schedule for all counters.

Contact: Mindy Coogan, 225-766-2431 or