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Capital Campaign

Phase II – Ministry and Administrative Building

With the completion of the renovations of St. Jude the Apostle Church, we have moved on and parishioners can see the start of Phase II, the Ministry and Administrative Building.

The building will include additional Meeting/Conference/Ministry Rooms, Nursery and Administrative Offices. As a parish, we lack the space necessary to accommodate all of the meetings, programs, ministry functions, etc. that occur here at St. Jude. This facility will serve as a place for adult formation classes, ministry events, gatherings, social activities, meetings and seminars for all parishioners and the parish as a whole. The goal of this project is to enhance the faith of our community and meet the needs of the entire parish both now and into the future.

Again, we need the help of our wonderful parish family.  Everyone is asked to prayerfully consider how their generosity can reflect their gratitude for the gifts that God has given them. We know that any pledge amount is a sacrifice for some of our parish households, and therefore, it is vital to the success of our campaign that those who are able to make larger pledges do so. In Deuteronomy 16:10 we are reminded that “the measure of your own free will offering should be in proportion to the blessing the Lord has bestowed on you.”

No one can tell you how much you should give. The individual parishioner/family is the only one who actually decides what to contribute, since the financial obligations of each family are different. What you give will be held in the strictest confidence. This is our parish and only through sacrifice can we achieve our goals. All contributions from the smallest to the largest will be gratefully appreciated. Your decision is a personal one. It should be made in good conscience and in true Christian spirit.  Checks should be made out to St. Jude Capital Campaign and pledges can be set up as part of the Online Giving portal. For more information, contact the Church Office at 225-766-2431.

Architectural Renderings