Inter-generational Confirmation Process
(Comprehensive, Grades 9-11)

Core Value Statement

Faith development is a constant, ongoing process that spans one’s entire life.  The religious education and formation that takes place along the way is a community experience.  An inter-generational process invites and challenges parishioners of all ages to learn about their Catholic faith, to grow, and to celebrate together.

A Comprehensive Process

In Saint Jude Parish the Confirmation preparation process formally begins at the beginning of the ninth grade year and culminates with the celebration of the sacrament itself during the eleventh grade year.

Phases in the Process

There are 3 phases to the overall comprehensive process. They are: The Discernment Phase (Ninth Grade Year), The Commitment Phase (Tenth Grade Year), and the Enrollment Phase (Eleventh Grade Year).

Criteria for Participation

Criteria for entrance into the preparation process are: 1. Registered membership in Saint Jude Parish; 2. Enrollment and participation in high school religious education (non-Catholic high school youth); 4. Enrollment and participation in Confirmation preparation sessions and other related experiences (Catholic high school youth); and 4. Regular attendance at Mass at Saint Jude Parish.

Acceptance as a Candidate for Confirmation

Students participating in the ninth and tenth grade phases will be referred to as Potential Candidates.  Students participating in the eleventh grade phase will be referred to as Candidates.

Delaying the Sacrament of Confirmation

For those requesting entrance into the process after the ninth grade year the celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation will be delayed: if one enters into the process during the tenth grade year, celebration of the sacrament will be delayed until the twelfth grade year.  For those entering the process during the tenth grade or eleventh grade year, celebration of the sacrament will be delayed until the celebration of Confirmation for adults at the Easter Vigil of the following year. (The same applies for students who fail to meet the stated expectations particular to any phase of the process.)

Parent Participation

During each of the 3 phases of the process parents will be asked to participate in parent-child sessions.  This participation is a requirement.  The number of parent sessions will vary and will be appropriate to the specific phase of preparation.

Service Experiences

During the ninth and tenth grade years candidates will participate in 1 service experience.

Retreat Experiences

During the ninth, tenth, and eleventh grade phases candidates will participate in1 retreat experience (per phase).

Communal Liturgical Celebrations

During the ninth, tenth, and eleventh grade phases potential candidates and candidates will participate in 1 communal liturgical rite per year, with the exception of the eleventh grade year when candidates will participate in both the Rite of Enrollment and the Sacrament of Confirmation itself.

Small Faith Sharing Community

When a student enrolls in the ninth grade phase (The Discernment Phase) of the overall process they will be assigned to a small group known as a Small Faith Sharing Community. This will be the group in which all of their preparation will take place, not only this year but during the tenth and eleventh grade years as well.. Each group will be facilitated by 2 properly trained adults.

Sponsoring Ministries

Each Small Faith Sharing Group (during each phase of the process) will be assigned a Sponsoring Ministry.  A Sponsoring Ministry is a group of parishioners from one of our particular parish ministries, such as the Knights of Columbus, Catholic Daughters, D.M.A., Ushers, St. Vincent de Paul, Pray and Play, an Adult Small Christian Community, and so on. Their role will be to pray for the group of Confirmation students to which they are assigned and to occasionally mail them a pre-approved Card of Affirmation.  A Sponsoring Ministry will remain with their Small Faith Sharing Group through all 3 phases of the process, culminating with the celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Confirmation Files