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FLOCKNOTE - Church Notifications System

Smarter Texting and Email for our Church – Receive Important Updates Directly to Your Phone or Computer

FLOCKNOTE helps us reach our flock at a moment’s notice and make meaningful connections.

There’s nothing for our members to download, or pick up after church, and no need for you to ‘check-in-on’ anything to stay connected with us. By organizing our church into different groups and ministries on Flocknote, we can get the message to exactly who needs it, and to no one who doesn’t.  Plus, our members can reply directly to any email or text message we send, vote in polls, RSVP to events and more!

So simple your whole team will actually use it.

Unlike most email marketing tools and church texting tools, Flocknote was made for teams. Whether you’re the leader of the dream team at your church, or just a volunteer, you can use Flocknote to send emails and text messages to the members of your specific ministries. With unlimited admins, and three different levels of admin privileges, we can make sure everyone at church has the power to manage their own piece of the pie and no one else’s. Mmmm, pie.

And you can opt out at any time.

Once you have signed up on-line, or via text, you will be prompted to select from which group(s) you are interested in receiving updates.  We are urging all parishioners to select the “Disaster Preparedness” under the “Ministries” section. From there, Flocknote will ask you to enter more information such as your address, and finally, will give you the option to create a password (if you are an admin for one of these ministry groups you may want to do so). 

Then check your email for verification that your information is correct.

Voila! You are IN!

To join FLOCKNOTE, click here.