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Monday of the Second Week of Advent

I read somewhere recently that the reason Jesus ministered to the paralytic’s spiritual needs before performing the physical miracle was to remind all those present that they too were in need of healing. He did eventually heal him physically, saying, “…get up, pick up your mat, and walk…” but not without first forgiving him of his sins.

All of us would probably openly acknowledge that we need forgiveness. We would probably have no difficulty saying this. Will we go the next step, however? Will we do what needs to be done to seek healing of the unresolved sin in in our life? This season, while not as “penitential” as Lent, does invite us to seek to be born anew. Without being too hard on ourselves, without being scrupulous about it, we are urged to do whatever needs to be done in order to experience forgiveness. Perhaps we are in need of the sacrament of reconciliation. Or maybe we need to forgive or ask forgiveness of another person. Whatever the case may be, this can be a time to let go of what weighs us down.

Better yet, in looking to the scene in today’s Gospel, we can experience again what it means to be loosened up from our infirmities. Whenever we experience forgiveness in any form, we experience Jesus Christ saying to us, “…get up and walk again…”

FOR REFLECTION: For what might I need to be forgiven, and who might I need to forgive?

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