Effective immediately, we will no longer offer Communion Service on Friday mornings. At his time, we no longer require that you register for Mass, however please continue to wear your mask and socially distance.
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Monday of the Third Week of Advent

For today’s reflection I would like to share with you something that occurred to me after this past weekend’s homily. I concluded that homily by making the statement, “…as followers of Christ, who is our Light, we are called to learn how to rejoice in the midst of the darkness and uncertainties of life…” When the day ended, I found myself wondering if that was a realistic invitation. Then this morning something occurred to me. For us as Christians, it’s a different kind of rejoicing. It’s not the same as an excited, energetic, jumping up and down type of rejoicing. When we find ourselves standing in a moment of darkness or uncertainty in our life, it is, perhaps, a rejoicing over the victory that we know will come eventually. To quote my friend and colleague, Brother Barry Landry, SC, “…I want to believe that there is a resurrection side to this.” That’s the kind of rejoicing to which we are called, the kind that says, “I might be hurting and afraid right now, but I know that the victory will come.”

FOR REFLECTION: What could it mean for me to rejoice in the midst of my uncertainties?

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