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Tuesday of the Third Week of Advent

The name Zechariah means “God remembers.” This is very consoling for me. At times in my life, during certain moments of trouble, stress, and difficulty, I tend to go through what I call an initial “freak out” phase. During this time, those who give me counsel often tell me, “man, you just have to let go of that.” I think it’s important that we regularly recall God’s track record with us. We have always been protected. We have always been healed, forgiven, and lifted up. And we have always made it through to the other side of a difficult situation.

During this season, scripture presents us with various persons who seem to have been able to stay the course and remember. All too often we forget. Let’s choose to be someone who remembers on a regular basis all that we’ve come through and all that has been done for us. All too often we forget our successful journeys through the valleys of life. While our name may not be Zechariah, may we consciously choose to stop and recall all that we have overcome in life.

FOR REFLECTION: How could I have a little more Zechariah in me?

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