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Thursday of the Third Week of Advent

It may not necessarily be the most significant verse in today’s Gospel selection, but for some reason it has stayed with me since this morning: “Mary set out in those days and traveled to the hill country in haste.” (Luke 1:39) If you think about it, we “make haste” about and toward a lot of things. We give time, attention, and energy to various tasks and people too. The thought to consider, however, would be whether or not we are “making haste toward” the right things and toward the people to whom God asks.

There’s a lot of haste-making right now. Order it. Buy it. Wrap it. Cook it. Deliver it. You name it. This is normal for the season. In it all, and beyond Christmas into the everyday life of a new year, are we making haste toward a deeper relationship with Christ and toward those who are truly in need? Mary was focused. How focused are we? That’s our calling too.

FOR REFLECTION: What does it mean for you to “make haste” toward Christ in daily living?

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