In observance of Thanksgiving, the Parish Office will close at noon on Wednesday, November 23 through Friday, November 25. Thanksgiving Day Mass will be at 9:00 am only. Also, please note Fr. Trey will be away and there will be no Weekday Mass next week, November 28 - December 1.
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Monday of The Eighteenth Week in Ordinary Time

“…all ate and were satisfied, and they picked up the fragments left over, twelve wicker baskets full.Those who ate were about five thousand…” (From Matthew 14:13-21)

Here at Saint Jude, our school theme for this year is, “let your light shine!” Today we began the year with our annual faculty in-service Mass. It seems providential to me that the Gospel of the day is the feeding of the five thousand. In light of our theme, this passage can serve as a reminder of what we’re called to. There are different ideas about how this miracle actually happened. The literal interpretation is that Jesus actually multiplied only a few loaves of bread and fish into an amount large enough to feed everyone. Another school of thought is, that, everyone there that day shared their food with one another. Strangers sharing with strangers. Foreigners sharing with foreigners. Young with old. And so on. In order for that to have happened, walls would have needed to come down. This involved letting go. Letting go of prejudice, rumors, preconceived notions about other people, other regions, and other cultures. I am quite sure that sharing gave rise to sharing.

As we begin another year, I can’t think of a better virtue and way of life to which we can all recommit ourselves. If we want others to feel free enough to let their light shine, then we can help make that happen. By further acceptance, compassion, stretching and being willing to go places we may have never gone before, we can give others the freedom to be themselves and shine.

Regardless of how the miracle happened that day long ago on the mountain, the point is, that, it happened. It can happen for us too, if we’re willing to go one step further in letting go of what separates us.

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